1.      What is PipeCycle?

PipeCycle is a Sales Pipeline Management app. PipeCycle helps sales people and Sales teams easily manage their leads. PipeCycle is for Pre-Sales activities: With PipeCycle, you can

a.      Lead management

b.      Following up with leads

c.       Timely reminders

d.      Sales team management

e.      Task management

f.        Text/call/Email leads

g.      Pre-Sales calendar management etc


2.      Should all my team members register to use PipeCycle?

a.      NO. Only one registration for the company. The individual registering on Pipecycle is automatically the superuser/superadmin of the company. He/She can create any number of branch offices and add any number of team members with different privileges.


3.      Is PipeCycle only a mobile app or does it have a web version as well?

a.      PipeCycle is a mobile-first sales Pipeline management tool. However, PipeCycle also has a web version which can be used to generate various critical reports pertaining to sales activities, apart from the pipecycle features which are in the mobile app.


4.      What is the difference between Super Admin, Branch Admin and Normal Users in PipeCycle?

In PipeCycle, you can have a 3 level hierarchy

a.      SuperAdmin / Super User:  This user has all the privileges and can view/update/delete the data in Pipecycle. Privileges that only superadmin has are :

                                                              i.      Adding/Editing/Deleting Deal stages

                                                            ii.      Adding/Editing Branch offices

b.      BranchAdmin / Branch Manager: Every Branch office can have one or more branch managers. These users can oversee the activities done by the users in that branch

c.       Normal User / Executive : This user do not have any admin rights. This user can create, update, delete leads and can also reassign leads to anyone within his branch.


5.      How can I import my existing leads into PipeCycle?

a.      In the web version of PipeCycle, a provision is provided to import your existing leads into PipeCycle. A sample excel sheet is also available to help you out on the format needed to enter the lead information in excel sheet.


6.      How can I import my existing leads from another CRM into PipeCycle?

a.      It is easy to import your existing leads to PipeCycle. Download your leads in an excel format and upload it to PipeCycle as described above.


7.      What are those 5 links that I see at the bottom of the screen?

a.      Those are the quick links for your ease of use. When clicked on those links, it takes you to different screens. A brief description of those quick links are as follows:

                                                              i.      Today’s – This page shows all the leads / deals which have to be followed up today. This will help you in planning your day better

                                                            ii.      Overdue – This page lists all the deals/leads that were not followed up on time. Ideally this page should be empty !!

                                                          iii.      Pipeline– This screen lists all the leads / deals in your pipeline. It also has the count of deals and the total value of your pipeline.

                                                          iv.      Starred– This screen displays all the leads/deals which were marked as important

                                                            v.      Calendar – This page provides the Calendar view of all the follow-ups.


8.      Is PipeCycle a free app?

a.      It is free during the trial period (first 7 days). Later, it costs just 15$ per annum per user.


9.      I run a one man show. Will PipeCycle help me manage my Leads?

a.      Definitely yes. It helps you a lot in streamlining the sales processes


10.  Can I Manage my sales team with this app?

a.      Yes. PipeCycle is built to help sales teams of any size. PipeCycle gives you a real-time health of your sales pipeline, status of every deal, status of followups every day. Comprehensive reports can be generated on the web version of PipeCycle.


11.  We have multiple branch offices spread across the globe, how can we use PipeCycle?

a.      You can create any number of branches and admins for each branch.


12.   I want to manage my inventory. Is it possible to do it with PipeCycle?

a.      Not at this point of time


13.  Will I lose my leads and deals saved in PipeCycleif I lose my phone?

a.      NO. All your leads and deals are safe in our servers. You can retrieve it when you login to pipecycle on your new device.


14.  One of my sales team members has quit without notice. What can I do to save my data?

a.      You can simply disable the user. Once a Pipecycle user is disabled, he/she will not be able to access any data in pipecycle. All such leads/deals can be safely assigned to another user.


15.  I want my data to be synced between my web version and Mobile Version.

a.      Data is always synced between both web and mobile version.


16.  Will I lose my leads’ info if I delete them?

a.      No lead is permanently deleted in Pipecycle. When a lead is deleted, it will be in “deleted users” page. They can be restored at any point of time.


17.  One of my team members has quit his job. How can I assign all his leads & deals to another member of my team?

a.      An option is available in pipecycle where leads of any user can be transferred to another member in the team.


18.  How can I add a Branch?\

a.      Use the option “Add a branch” in Pipecycle. Provide a name for the branch and click on Add. It is this simple!!


19.  From where can I access web version of PipeCycle?

a.      You can access and click on login link on the page. Use the same user ID and password on web version



1.      Is PipeCycle a free app?

a.      It is free for the initial trial period of 7 days.


2.      How much does PipeCycle cost?

a.      It costs 15$ per user per annum once the trial period is over


3.      Do I have to pay more to use Web version?

a.      NO. Price is same for both Web version & mobile version.